Release Train 10/13/20

Introducing The Brand New Support Tab! + Default Products to Unpublished & More!


🦸  Introducing The Brand New Support Tab! 🦸

This week, we rolled out a new Support tab in your admin dashboard! 

Within the Support tab, located just below “Facebook Setup” in your dashboard’s left-hand menu, you can easily access new resources and contact your CommentSold team!

Click here to check it out!


⏹  Default Products to Unpublished To Prevent Live Sale Sniping

You can now default products to unpublished if shoppers are finding and purchasing them on your webstore before your live sales (sold out). This can be enabled here!


⏹ View Split Order IDs on Split Orders

You can now see the split to and from order IDs on Split orders! The IDs are clickable and take you to the appropriate orders.


⏹ We’ve Fixed the “In Stock” Filter

Previously, the In Stock filter was broken on the webstore. This has been fixed!


⏹ Customer Export: Now Sends to Logged In Account

Instead of always sending the list to your main shop email we now send the customer export feature to the logged-in account email.


⏹ There’s Now A Character Limit on App Notification Banner Text

Previously, sending large amounts of text to the app banner was possible. Now it’s limited to 90 characters (about two lines) of text.


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