Redeeming Account Credits, Gift Cards & Coupons

This article covers how to apply credit, coupons, and gift cards for orders with shops using CommentSold.

Both account credit and coupon codes will be entered at checkout. With gift cards, shoppers have the option to redeem for store credit or enter during checkout. Read on to learn more!


This Article Covers:


Redeeming Account Credit


On the account page, shoppers will see their available account credit. In the screenshot below, Lindsey has $54.00 in available store credit to be redeemed.



If a shopper has never used account credit before, they will need to check the option to apply the account credit to an order during checkout. Once a shopper has paid with account credit, future orders will have this balance automatically applied on the checkout screen.




If there is not enough account credit to cover the whole purchase, the customer will be asked to select a payment method for the remaining balance.


Redeeming Gift Cards


There are two ways to redeem a gift card to a shop using CommentSold.


Applying a Gift Card to a Purchase


A gift card can be entered during checkout by clicking "Add Coupon Code." A customer can enter the gift card in the coupon code box, and it will be applied to the order. 



The limitation with this method of redeeming gift cards is that only one coupon code can be used per order. If a shopper would like to spend a gift card and also redeem a coupon, they will need to follow the steps for Redeeming a Gift Card for Account Credit.


Redeeming a Gift Card for Account Credit


If a customer would like to be able to use both a gift card and a coupon code, they can do so by first redeeming the gift card for account credit. This option is found on the customer's account page!


image (1)-1


Once the gift card has been redeemed on the account page, it will appear as account credit on the checkout page!


Redeeming Coupon Codes


You can redeem a coupon by clicking "Add Coupon Code" during checkout. 



Only one coupon code can be applied per order. Coupon codes cannot be applied to gift cards.