Managing Your Webstore Content

Webstore content refers to the Pages and Collections you would like to display on your webstore.

This article covers content management for the new CommentSold webstore. Click here for resources on the Classic Webstore.


Once you have published a webstore with the new builder (or if you are new to the CommentSold webstore), you will see that the Classic Webstore tab has been replaced with a Webstore Content tab.


If you migrated from the Classic Webstore to the new webstore, you will see a banner on this tab allowing you to Revert to your previous webstore. Reverting will unpublish your new webstore and restore your Classic webstore to its most recent state.


From the Webstore Content tab, you can view, edit, and add Pages and Collections. These will be the options available to you for Internal Links when designing your webstore.



You will also be able to view and export the emails of those who opted in to marketing emails via your webstore on the Email List tab.


When adding or editing a Page, you will be able to enter:

  • Page Title
  • URL 
  • Content (text only)
  • SEO Page Title
  • SEO Meta Description


When adding or editing a Collection, you will be able to enter:

  • Collection Title
  • URL
  • Content (text only)
  • App Sorting Position
  • Auto Remove Products after X days
  • Collection Image
  • SEO Collection Title
  • SEO Meta Description


Note: If you enter a number in the Auto Remove Products after X days section, products older than the number of days set will automatically be removed from the Collection. Leave this section blank if you want products of any age to be included in the Collection. 


You will assign products to the Collection when adding or editing products.


Return to the Webstore Content tab at any time to add, edit, or remove Pages and Collections for access when designing your webstore!