Enabling Live Replay

Live Replays allow shoppers to watch and shop from live sales they would otherwise have missed out on!

For shops with a CommentSold mobile app, Live Replay provides a way to extend the life of each live sale. CommentSold records each live sale and allows shops the option to display all, some, or none of these replays for ongoing shopping in their mobile app.



To enable Live Replay, visit the Mobile App tab of your CommentSold dashboard. Click on "Settings" and scroll down to the section for Live Sales. Here you will see "Autopost New Live Sales." Enabling this setting will publish each live sale to your mobile app as a Live Replay. 



You will be able to manually remove specific live sales from appearing as Live Replays within the Live History section of your dashboard. Alternately, you can leave "Autopost New Live Sales" disabled and manually select each live sale you would like to appear as a Live Replay. If the box for "Shown in App" is checked in the Live History table, the Live Replay will appear in your mobile app.



Note: CommentSold saves recordings of all live sales, whether or not they were originally streamed to your mobile app. If you previously hosted a live sale only on Facebook, you will still be able to show the Live Replay in your mobile app!


Shoppers viewing a Live Replay will see engagement (comments and reactions) appear at the time at which they were created during the live sale. Inventory information will be accurate for the time at which the Live Replay is being viewed. If a variant has sold out since the live sale aired, it will appear with a strike-through in the Live Replay!