Introduction to CommentSold's Favorites Feature!

In this article, you'll learn about what Favorites can do for you and your shoppers! We'll also discuss the new data you can leverage!

Overview: What is Favorites?

With Favorites, shoppers can easily curate a list of products they’re interested in and shop from that list anytime - all without tying up inventory!  As the merchant, you will be able to see which products are the most favorited and email all of the shoppers who have favorited any particular product.

This feature will only work once it's enabled. To enable favorites, navigate to the Mobile App tab, and then click Settings. Click the toggle under "Enable Favorites".

What Data's Available & How to Leverage It!


What Data Is Available To You

We've created a new Favorites tab on your Reporting page. This allows you to find your most Favorited products. You can sort the page by Total Favorites. We've broken the Favorites down by variant as well. Click here to access the Favorites page!


Emailing People From The Products Tab

The primary use-case here is finding aged products on the Aged Inventory Tab and emailing everyone who has it Favorited to help with sell-through. This can be an effective way to move older inventory since the shoppers receiving the email have shown interest in the product prior. 

Emailing people From The Waitlist Tab

Want to notify shoppers who showed interest in a particular item that it's back in stock and drive sales? You can now do that by emailing everyone who has that item Favorited from the Waitlist tab. We show how many shoppers have each product favorited so you'll see the value of a blast at a glance.