How to Refund and Re-purchase a Shipping Label

This article and accompanied video will walk you through how to refund and re-purchase a shipping label


For the steps below, you will have already printed a label, but then discovered that for whatever reason, you need to make an adjustment to the label, for instance, adding dimensions.

It is important that you take each refund/re-purchase slowly and one at a time to ensure that each step is done correctly. The chat support team is on standby if you would like us to walk you through the first one!


First we need to refund the label and set the orders back to “Processing”

  1. Head over to chat support and make sure you have all the necessary permissions enabled to refund labels and cancel tracking. 
  2. Go to ORDERS/FULFILLMENT and search for an order number for the label you are wanting to refund. If you are auto combining orders, it is possible for more than one order to be associated with a label. 
  3. Click on “Packing Slip” so you can see all associated orders. You can see on the packing slip pictured below that order numbers 68, 71, and 70 were all combined to this label.

  1. KEEP THIS OPEN IN A SEPARATE TAB so you can see all the orders that are combined in this label-- you’ll be referencing back to these numbers in step #8.
  2. Go back to the ORDERS/FULFILLMENT tab and back to the order we searched for earlier. 
  3. Click the LABEL icon to the far right
  4. Hit the red REFUND LABEL button. This will also delete tracking for all associated orders.
    PRO TIP: Once you have refunded the label, go ahead and mark VOID on the printed one so that you know not to use it, and that it has been invalidated
  5. Move ALL associated orders that were with that label to PROCESSING status. This step is important to do with each individual order that was attached to this label, or else that order will not be assigned to a new label; it will stay “stuck” in LABEL PRINTED status. (why we have the packing slip still open-- you can reference back to those order numbers to make sure you got them all)

Now to RE-PURCHASE the label

  1. Click “create labels” Step 2 at the top of the page so we can re-combine those orders for 1 label.
  2. Enter in your accurate weight in ounces, as well as your package dimensions (if applicable)
  3. Purchase the label and reprint as you normally would!