Facebook Live Video Business Tips & Tricks

Live Videos are an amazing way to connect with your consumers. While we have a technical checklist to help you best utilize CommentSold with your Live Videos, there are a few other tips that you can utilize to maximize your Live Videos.

1. Product List Visibility. You may not want your customers to be able to see your product list during your live sale, so they cannot purchase items before they are shown in live videos. Disabling this product list can help with engagement during your video. You can quickly disable this by going to the link above.



2. One Hour Free Shipping. On occasion you may want to give your customers a little bonus for tuning into your live video in the middle of their busy lives. If you choose, you can enable one-hour free shipping. If your customers pays their invoices within one hour of claiming an item, they will receive free shipping. Not only will it incentivize them to checkout quickly, but it’ll also help reduce the number of abandoned carts. This is because it helps to maximize their desire to check out before their impulse is diminished!



3. What do other shops recommend? I asked in our CommentSold VIP Facebook Group. (Are you in that group yet?)

Some of their answers, thus far, include:

  • Promote your live sale in advance. Use Facebook, Instagram, Marketing Emails to inform your shoppers when you will be going live. Stick to a routine of the same days and/or times to train shoppers to tune in regularly.
  • Coordinate entire outfits. We love this suggestion because it is a really easy way to upsell products. Why buy only a dress when you can buy the dress, the shoes, and jewelry for a perfect date night outfit? 
  • Add those hot new arrivals into CommentSold beforehand. There is nothing worse than getting ready to showcase the next hot item and then remembering that it isn't currently in your system.
  • Prep your products. What sells better- a wadded up garment or one that's unwrinkled? A few simple steps can make your product much more attractive to buyers, so take a few moments to steam garments and items out of their plastic packaging. 

There are so many more suggestions and tips in our Facebook VIP Group, so make sure to join and indulge with information from other shop owners, like you!

We also have this blog article that is worth the read! Tips For Success With Facebook Lives!

If you incorporate these tips into your live selling routine, you will be selling like a pro in no time!