Connecting Your Mobile App for Facebook Ads

If you have a mobile app through CommentSold, this guide will help you connect it to Facebook to run app ads.

Facebook allows you to run ads with specific app-related conversion goals. While the process to connect your app to Facebook isn't particularly complicated, there are quite a few steps involved. We'll walk you through exactly what you will need to do to get connected.


Before You Begin


The steps outlined in this article require that you first have the following:

  1. A Facebook Developer account (create one here)
  2. A Facebook Business Manager account (create one here)
  3. A Facebook Ads account (follow the instructions here)


Once you have these accounts created, continue to the next section!


Connecting Your App to Facebook 


Before you can run app ads, you will need to connect your app to Facebook, and add Android and iOS as platforms. 


To add your app to your Developer account:

  1. Log into your Facebook Developer app and click "My Apps" from the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Click the "Create App" button.

  3. When asked what you need your app to do, select "Manage Business Integrations" and continue.

    Screenshot of app type selection.

  4. Enter the App Name and App Contact Email. If these appear by default, check to be sure they are accurate.
  5. Under App Purpose, choose "Yourself or your own business."
  6. Select your Business Manager account from the drop-down menu. While Facebook says this is optional, you should not skip this. It is necessary for you to run ads for your app. 

  7. Click "Create App" and complete the security check.

You will now be in the app dashboard. From the side menu, go to Settings → Basic. You will see a form, but will only need to complete the Privacy Policy URL section. Enter this URL:


    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "+ Add Platform."


    To add Android as a platform:

    1.  From the Add Platform page, select Android.
    2. You will be asked to enter your Google Play Package Name. Do not leave this page. Open a new tab or window and log into your CommentSold account.
    3. Visit the Mobile App tab and click "Settings."
    4. Scroll down to the Facebook Analytics/Ad Tracking section and copy the text under "Android Package." Leave your CommentSold tab open for future steps in the process.

    5. Go back to your Facebook Developer screen. Paste the text you just copied from CommentSold into the Google Play Package Name field. This is the only field that must be completed. 
    6. Make sure the Log In-App Events Automatically setting is switched to "Yes."


    To add iOS as a platform:

    1. At the bottom of the page, click the "+ Add Platform" button again.
    2. Select iOS.
    3. You will see another large form, but you only need to fill out two fields here—Bundle ID and iPhone Store ID. Do not leave this page. Go back to the Mobile App Settings page in CommentSold.
    4. Copy the iOS Bundle ID from CommentSold, then paste it into Facebook Developer in the Bundle ID field.

    5. Copy the iOS Store ID in CommentSold, and paste this into Facebook Developer account in the iPhone Store ID field.
    6. Make sure the Log In-App Events Automatically setting is switched to "Yes."

    7. Click "Save Changes."

    To connect to CommentSold:

    Now you’re going to add your Facebook app ID into CommentSold to connect to what you just set up in your Facebook Developer account!

    Locate your Facebook App ID in your Facebook Developer account. Click it to copy the number.

    In your CommentSold Mobile App Settings, paste this number under Facebook App ID and click "Save."


    To connect your product catalog:

    You will need to have an existing product catalog in Facebook prior to completing this step.
    1. Click here to enter your Facebook Business Manager settings for your product catalogs. If you have more than one business connected to Facebook, you will need to select the business account associated with your app.
    2. Select your Catalog.

    3. Click the button to "Associate Sources."

    4. Connect your app to the catalog by toggling on the Connection next to the app you just created in Facebook and click "'Save."

    5. From the Business Settings menu on the left, go to Accounts → Apps.

    6. Click the app you just added and select "Add Assets."

    7. Choose the ad account you’d like to connect and click "Add."

    8. A pop-up window will confirm the Assets Added. Click "Done" to complete the process.


    You are now ready to run Facebook ads for your mobile app!