Exporting Shop Data as CSV Files

CommentSold provides dozens of reports that can be exported as CSV files.

Whether you need a report on state-specific sales activity, shipping cost per item, or store credit by shopper, you'll be able to easily export the required data from the CSV page.

To view all reports that can be exported from CommentSold, click the Reporting tab, then click the CSV section.



To use this page:

  1. Locate the report you want to download. You can determine which report is best for your needs by referring to the “CSV Headers” column, which lists the data points that are included in each report.
  2. Apply a date range. By default, the reports will consider only data from the current day. To generate a report or reports for a specific date range, enter a start and end date and click Retrieve. The page will update to show your selected date ranges.
  3. Click View next to the report you want to download. This will automatically export the report into a .CSV file.


There are two reports that can be exported from a separate place in your CommentSold dashboard. If you would like a CSV of all customers, or of customer Facebook permissions status, you can generate these from SetupAccount.


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