CS Webstore™: Pages

This article is meant as a resource for the Classic Webstore, an older version of the online store that CommentSold provides you with. If you’re interested in using the new and improved version, click here to view resources for the New Webstore.

Pages are where you're going to put any info you want/need your customers to know about your brand. Pages are NOT for your products. You can make as many pages as you want! We've started off with some basics that you may want to include, such as About Me and Returns.

Start by clicking the link for Online Store on your CommentSold™ dashboard. It will already be on the Pages tab. From there, simply click the three dots next to the page you would like to work on and select edit!


Want to see your progress so far? Just follow the url!


This is what mine looks like:



Easy peasy, right?! If you don't want to use some of the pages we have included, you can simply click the three dots beside them and click remove.

If you want to include any extra, just hit the green Add Page button! We recommend having each page's URL also match the page title.



Feel free to play around with the formatting, if you want! Whatever you do, make sure your webstore represents you and your brand!