CS Webstore™: Navigation

This article is meant as a resource for the Classic Webstore, an older version of the online store that CommentSold provides you with. If you’re interested in using the new and improved version, click here to view resources for the New Webstore.

Remember those pages and collections we made earlier? The Navigation tab is where you go to rearrange and organize them to best highlight your products and brand!

The first three settings listed under the Navigation tab are Categories, Help, and Links. All three of these will be listed at the bottom of your page:



Let's start with Categories. This is where I recommend you put the collections you created. Simply click the three dots to the right of Categories and click edit to begin.

There are some common categories listed for you already. You can delete any of these that you will not need for your store.

Since I don't have a collection for basics or sunglasses, I am going to delete these two categories.



Because I do have collections for Rompers and Winter 2018, I am going to add these two categories. Make sure you enter the name of the category as well as the link that will lead your customer to the correct page. You can find that link listed as URL under the collections tab.



You can also rearrange your categories by simply dragging them up or down.





You will edit Help and Links in the exact same way.

Main menu is the last section listed under Navigation for us to edit. This section is edited the same way as the previous sections. The only difference here is that the main menu consists of the links that are listed at the top of your webstore.



Because these are your most prominently displayed links, you will want to put some thought into how you arrange them. What are the most important things you want your customers to see? New items? Sales? It's up to you! You can link to both pages and collections here, so do whatever you feel makes the most sense for your brand.

Want to create a dropdown menu here?

2019-06-18 15.15.18


No problem! Follow this link to learn how!



Ready, set, organize!