Automatic Product Videos from Previous Live Sales

You can now use snippets of past live sales where a product was featured as that product's fit video!

When this setting is enabled, CommentSold will automatically create product videos for each individual product that has been featured in a previously recorded livestream. Each automatic product video will automatically publish to their corresponding product pages on your mobile app and the Classic Webstore. Currently, this does not work with the New Webstore.

How does this work?

CommentSold automatically records these videos using the timestamps for the period in which each product was featured. It starts from the moment you click or scan an individual product into the live sale until you click or scan the next product. Then this video is uploaded to your mobile app or webstore respectively. This means you can get product videos automatically without having to record and post each individually.

How do the videos look to the shopper?

On the mobile app, the product feed will show a video icon, just like any product that has a video.  While looking at the product details, the video can be played like normal and the shopper will see "Featured Live" overlayed on the video.

  • Video indicator over the product image in the feed.
  • "Featured Live" overlayed on the video

How do I configure the Automatic Product Videos?

  • Any product videos you add will take precedence.  If a product already has a demo or fit video, CommentSold will NOT replace a separately recorded video with a section of a past live. A separate fit video will always take precedence over a live sale segment. 
  • If a product has been featured in more than one live sale, CommentSold will use the video segment from the oldest live sale. You are currently unable to select which segment to use.
  • If a product was featured or scanned multiple times during a live sale, CommentSold will use the longest segment as the product video.
  • If a product was featured in more than one live sale, the oldest live sale that it was featured in is used.
  • The segment timing is determined from product scan or selection to product scan or selection. The start is when you scan or select a product to feature it as the current product.  The end is when you scan or select the next product.

How do I enable the “Automatic Product Videos from Previous Live Sales” feature?

This feature can be enabled from the Mobile App tab -> Settings -> Live Sales.

What if I provide my own video?

If you have already provided your own video for a product, it will take precedence and will always be used for the product.

What if I normally talk about a product before scanning to feature it on a live sale?

Unfortunately, as of now, the Automatic Product Video will be missing the portion before you scan or select the item to appear on the overlay.

In other words, if you post a video for a product to Facebook that is linked to CommentSold manually or auto-linked, we'll associate that video with that product.  If that video exists, we always use that video.  The Automatic Product Videos are only used when another video does not exist.

Can I delete an individual Automatic Product Video?

As of now, no you cannot.  You can go to your Live tab -> Live History and uncheck "Shown in App" to remove the entire related previous Live Replay and all of its Automatic Product Videos.  A better solution may be to record your own custom product video which will override any automatic product videos.  This can be done by posting the video to Facebook and then auto-linking to the post.

If I clear the overlay after talking about a product, does that count as the end of the segment for that Automatic Product Video?


More information about Live History can be found here.