Adding Intercom to Your App

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a chat support platform you can use as a way to provide customer support to your shoppers. 

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How can I use Intercom for my shop?

If you have an Intercom account and a mobile app custom-built by CommentSold, you can integrate the two to give your customers the ability to chat with your support team. Customers using the app will be able to start a conversation with your team by selecting their Profile Icon ➡️Contact Us. 



If you decide to integrate Intercom into your platform you will need to make your support hours clear to shoppers and have an employee ready to reply to incoming chats in a reasonable window of time.


How to connect Intercom to CommentSold:

1. Find your App ID under your Intercom settings → Installation

The App ID should be an 8 character ID of both numbers and letters.

Need help finding the App ID? Check out this article from Intercom!

2. Install the app ID here:

3. If you have a mobile app locate your API key for both iOS and Android. This can also be found in your Intercom account under Intercom settings → Installation.

4. Input the API keys and App ID under the Mobile App -> Settings -> Integrations, section (at the bottom).

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