Dynamic Live Sales

This article will teach you how to go live without having to make a product selection!

With CommentSold's new Talent View, you now have the option to go live without first making a Live Product Selection. There are a few reasons why you would want to to do this:

  • Time saving! If you create your product list dynamically, CommentSold will automatically assign identifiers to your products, saving you a step!
  • Flexibility! Do you hate having to decide hours in advance what you want to sell tonight?Do your customers keep asking about those earring you're wearing that you weren't planning to sell tonight? No problem! You can quickly add items to your product selection and sell, sell, sell!

Watch our video or follow these instructions to get started with Dynamic Live Sale Selections!

Let's look at how to do this! First, in order to use the dynamic live sale function, you must be using CommentSold's Live Overlay feature.

Begin by streaming in the CS Admin App. Once you are streaming (you are not live yet), you will be given the option to Use Dynamic Selection to make your product list.


If you have your products barcoded, you can simply scan the items to add them to your Live Product Selection.



Notice when Lesley scans the barcode, that the product immediately shows up in the Products Section of the Talent View screen!

If you do not barcode your products, you can click on the add button and search for your products by sku/name to add to the list.


If your items are barcoded, you have a ton of flexibility for how you would like to build your list. You can scan all of the items you plan to sell before you go live, or you can scan in a few items to get started and then scan as you go during your live!

Note: we do recommend getting at least a few items scanned in before going live to make your life a little easier!

If you don't have your items barcoded, it will be easiest for you to build most of the selection in advance and add extra pieces later if you wish.


Once you have some or all of your products into your product list, it's time go live and start selling! You can learn about the rest of our Talent View here!