Downloading the CS Admin App to Go Live

This article will explain how to get started going live on Facebook using CommentSold's Live Sale Overlay

CommentSold's Overlay for Facebook Live Sale Videos is a new feature available for you to utilize now! Why use it? We've got a few good reasons!!!!

  1. You can go live on your page and in your group (and soon to be your mobile app) AT THE SAME TIME!
  2. You won't need live helpers anymore; all the information your customer needs to comment and claim items will be listed right on your screen automatically!
  3. You can use our Talent View screen to watch all of your comments come through in one place so you don't have to look back and forth between your group and page!

What other reasons could you need? Watch this video or follow these instructions to get started today!


First, you will need to download our CS Admin App on your mobile device. Currently, this is only available for iOS devices. You can download the app using this link, or you can search for "CommentSold" in the App Store.

File (7)

Once downloaded, the app will look like this on your device:

File (8)

When you click on the app to open it, you will be prompted to login. Simply use the same email address and password you use with CommentSold.

File (9)-1

On the next screen, you will need to push the red button to start your stream. You will not be live at this point; we are just getting you set up to go live!!

File (11)

Now that we have everything on your phone ready to go, let's go to the Live tab on your CommentSold dashboard.

Next, go to the New Live Overview Tab. From here, you will choose which Product Select you want to use in your live sale and click next.

From here, just follow these instructions, and you are on your way to going live!