CS Reports: Returns and Packer Overview

Now, let's discuss Vendor Returns, Returns Reasons, and Packer Overview!

First, we have Vendor Returns.


The Vendor Returns section gives you an overview of how your vendors are performing. This is important because you can check to see if vendors have a higher return rate than others, which can be indicative of item damages, bad sizing or other reasons. 

Next you will have your Returns Reasons.


This is where you can really dig in with your returns. Are most of your returns due to sizing issues? Maybe you want to start including measurements or doing fit videos to mitigate these returns!

Our next section is Packer overview.


Here, you will be able to see a breakdown of orders and products fulfilled by team members. These numbers are very useful! You can easily see if you have any outlier team members. If someone is fulfilling a lot more than everyone else, maybe they have figured something out that should be shared with everyone else! If you have someone fulfilling a lot less than everyone else, you have data to show them that they are not performing to standard.