CS Reports: Inventory Overview and Payments by Hour

Now, let's discuss Inventory Overview (Real-time) and Payments broken out per hour.

First, we have Inventory Overview (Real-time).


This metric does not go back in the past. It will tell you the value of your inventory at the time you run the report. This is helpful for you, your bookkeeper or accountant since it helps to calculate what your inventory is. Your inventory is not a business expense until you sell it; therefore, it's valuable to keep up with your inventory levels over time, to make sure you aren't taking on too much inventory or that you are supplying enough inventory to your customers! 

Inventory Retail Value is the dollar amount of your inventory, if you were to sell it all at retail prices (the price you have loaded into the system).

Inventory Cost is the metric you, your bookkeeper or accountant would use to determine the current book value of your inventory.

Total Customer Credits is the amount of account credit your boutique has issued that has not been redeemed yet.

Gift Cards Total will show you both the total unredeemed gift cards you have out there, as well as the total of gift cards that have been redeemed for your boutique.

Next, let's take a look at Payments broken out per hour.


You can look at your payments across a specific time period to see if there are any trends! I am looking at an entire month for my boutique, and it looks like my customers are afternoon shoppers! You can use this info to help guide you on when to best engage your shoppers!