Reporting for Payments

Learn all about CommentSold's Payments Reports.

From the Reports tab, you will find a variety of reports about payments. You may view payment reports for all channels under the All section or view payment reports by source.

To view payments by source, click the corresponding source/channel at the top of the Reports page.

Then select the date range you wish to review and click Retrieve.

Overview of Payment Reports

What information can you access through payment reports? Here's an overview of each metric:

Total Payments is the total dollar amount of payments received from your customers, during that time period. It excludes any store credit and coupons your customers applied during their transactions.

Below the aggregate total payments, you will also see a breakdown of total payments that are accepted by each of your payment gateways.

Product Revenue is the amount of revenue (sales) that came from Products vs other categories like Taxes or Shipping.

Note: Product Revenue can be higher than the Total Payments if you are running a sales, since the Product Revenue is indicative of the Retail price of the item, not what the price of the item is after a discount is applied by the customer.

Shipping Revenue is the amount of shipping you charged the customer. Note that the cost will not be updated until you generate the labels for the orders.

State/County/Municipal Tax is not calculated and reported directly through CommentSold. Instead, you will need to access the information within your provided Avalara account. You can learn more about how to set up and use your free Avalara account here.

Cost of Goods Sold is the total expense of all items sold during this time frame. CommentSold calculates this expense from the cost (not retail price) that you've entered for each item.

Shipping Cost is the amount your shop has been charged for shipping. Note that the cost will not be updated until you generate the labels for the orders during your selected time frame.

Gross Profit is calculated by taking the total payments received, deducting the sales taxes, the cost of goods sold, and the cost of shipping. This will tell you how profitable your business has been during this timeframe.