Coronavirus and Your App

Due to restrictions from the Google Play and iOS app stores, there is a risk posting Corona virus related merchandise

 Mentions of covid-19 and/or coronavirus in mobile apps listed in the Google Play and iOS stores can result in your app being permanently removed. Please remove any items that relate in any way to the coronavirus pandemic from your mobile app. These items can include:


-Graphic Tees about Social Distancing or Quarantine, even in parody or jest

- Mentioning "social distancing", "coronavirus" (or any variations of the term), "quarantine" etc in item names and/or descriptions

-Mentioning the phrase "covid:, "Covid-19", "coronavirus", "Quarantine", "Social Distancing" or any variation in push notifications

From Google:

Pursuant to Section 8.3 of the Developer Distribution Agreement and the Enforcement policy, apps referencing COVID-19, or related terms, in any form will only be approved for distribution on Google Play if they are published, commissioned, or authorized by official government entities or public health organizations. Google reserves the discretion to remove apps from Google Play based on a number of factors including a high risk of abuse.

This is not optional and could result in an indefinite suspension of your app from one and or both stores.