Coronavirus & How to Prepare

As most of you know, the coronavirus is disrupting the clothing industry supply chain from China. Here are a few suggestions to minimize the impact on your business.

  • Cancel dates- It’s extremely important that you effectively communicate cancel date with your vendors. Currently, Spring shipments that were expected to arrive in February and March have been pushed back to Mid-May at the earliest. Make sure that your styles align with the season that they are set to arrive and communicate those cancel dates to your wholesalers in writing. -

  • In Stock- We suggest reaching out to your vendors directly and asking for In Stock line sheets. Make sure that you have enough styles to hold you through May using this method.-

  • Ask Questions- When your vendor tells you that something “will arrive in 3 weeks” ask them where they are manufacturing it and if they have already secured the fabric. Although many of our vendors have the ability to manufacture in the US, the majority of the fabric still comes from China. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

There is still plenty of in-stock product to ship, but this is a very unusual time in our industry. Now is your time to prepare an in-stock plan so that you have a steady stream of inventory coming in!


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