Beta Testing

CommentSold Beta Testing

Beta Testing is a great way to help CommentSold improve and hopefully help improve your business! However, it is not all fun. Beta testing requires meticulous attention to detail and thorough feedback, as well as the risk of disruption of your business. Beta testing is NOT "Early Access". Beta testing is not "Beta Testing" like a Direct Sales company had "Beta Testing" :P

We do not take this likely, and for that reason we are very careful in rolling out features and updates to ensure your business is not negatively affected. 

Over the past 6 months, we've had 7 irrecoverable failures/data loss for beta testers that have negatively impacted their business and customers. We've sent hundreds of push notifications in 5 seconds, deleted all waitlist items, shut down a PayPal account and even gotten a FaceBook page blocked. Many times the first version of a big new feature is fundamentally flawed, but our Beta Testing community helps us quickly overcome these so everyone can benefit!


Q: "Do Beta Testers just get early access to features?"

A: Since Beta Testers are testing things pre-launch, they inherently have access to features before they are officially launched, however, there is NO "Early Access" program at CommentSold. We only use the beta test program to verify that the feature was completed correctly and without big bugs before releasing to all of CommentSold.

Q: "How long do beta testers have access to new features?"

A: In most cases, the "beta test" only lasts a few days, then we gather feedback and improve/fix the feature. During this time, we will often remove the beta feature. After the "beta test" window, it is only 3-5 days before the feature is launched to all of CommentSold. 

Q: "If I am a beta tester, is there any risk?"

A: Yes, there is a substantial amount of risk of interfering with your core operation but some people are (graciously) willing to take that risk!


If you are interested in joining the Beta Tester group, here are the requirements:

  • Do not publish designs/information about the features (only because they often change a lot before they are actually launched).
  • There will be SUBSTANTIAL bugs involved with beta testing, potentially massively affecting your business. Any support request related to beta testing will go straight to the Product Manager and likely not get worked on until the next release.
  • After each iteration of a feature, you must complete a full survey with issues you had, including screenshots or video for the product team to review.


If you'd like to be part of the Beta Testing group, then please "vote" on this Canny to be notified of new beta opportunities: