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Getting Started With Barcode Printing v2

Learn how to print barcodes using the new & improved barcode system! Fewer bugs, no more breaking, more printing!

This printing method does not support the cutter on Zebra printers.

Barcodes are a great way for you to keep track of your inventory and make sure that the right items are going out when they are packaged! You'll need a barcode printer, scanner, and some labels to get started. Check our Warehouse Supplies article for more information on what to buy! Most shops will only need a Dymo printer to get started.

All Printers

- Go to https://commentsold.com/admin/setup/barcodes
- Enable "Product Barcodes" if it's not already enabled

- Enable PDF Barcodes to use the new system!

- Enable Show Price and Show Location if you want these on your barcode

- Go to the inventory page of any product and click the gear icon next to the Print All Barcodes button, select which printer is connected to the computer you're using!


- You can now print barcodes - once the printer menu appears be sure to select the barcode printer!

NOTE! You have to select the label size PER COMPUTER! This is so the system will function well for all printers. If you use a new PC and it doesn't know what printer is connected it will ask you on the first print. 



Nice & Easy Setup
- Plug the Dymo into the desired computer

- Go to a product's inventory page (or reload the one you're on)

- Click Print Tag

- Select the Dymo

- Click Print

- The label should be printed.


Here's a reminder on how to properly load a Zebra Printer:

Zebra Setup Utilities is not available on Mac, please follow this guide to set your printer up on Mac devices. Then come back and start at the PRINT SOMETHING steps!

⚠️ If your shop needs to use the Cutter on the Zebra to be efficient; continue using the old system and do not change the settings below, the new system is not compatible with Zebra cutters. ⚠️

PRINTER SETTINGS (These will override your current printer settings)
- Plug printer in & load the labels properly
- Download Zebra Setup Utilities
- Open Zebra Setup Utilities
- Select the desired printer

- Click "Configure Printer Settings"

- Set the Label Parameters to the Width and Height of your loaded labels, click Next

- Set the Speed to 10/s, click Next

- Set the print mode to Direct, click Next

- Make sure the Media Handling setting is set to "Tear Off", click Finish. Don't set it to Cutter on the new system. If it's already on Cutter, set it to Tear Off. If you need the cutter press Cancel and use the old system. Setting the printer to Cutter will cut after each barcode label on the new system.
- Go to your printer and press it's Pause button twice

- Go to a product's inventory page (or reload the one you're on)
- Click Print Tag

- Select the Zebra

- Click Print

- The label should be printed.

Do NOT change printer settings on the printer it's self - you have to do it through Zebra Setup Utilities now - settings on the printer are overridden. Users who need to use the cutter on Zebra will have to use the old system, which is still available with the new one.

⚠️ Are your barcodes printing weird? Do this ⚠️

If your barcodes are printing incorrectly, open the "Paper Size" drop-down in the Chrome print dialog. Set the size to a size with a 1:1 aspect ratio, an example would be, "3.00 x 3.00". Once you set the size to the same width and height it should start printing the size you have in CommentSold correctly. This size option does not appear for every computer so it's a special case.

Other Printers

💎 The new system should be compatible with a wide range of printers. We can't create a setup guide for each one but if we notice common requests like the Rollo printer we'll add them!