Avalara FAQs

Browse through some commonly asked about topics here to see if we already have the answer for your Avalara/tax questions!

Basic Avalara/Tax questions

  1. Sales Tax Nexus Resources (What is Nexus?)

  2. Setting up Avalara

  3. Where are you required to register for sales tax?

  4. South Dakota v. WayFair Case and what it means for Consumers. Why Nexus?

  5. Economic Nexus FAQ

  6. Check your Nexus to see where you need to collect

Setting up AvaTax

  1. Create A Company Profile

  2. Tell us where you collect sales tax

  3. Verify Your Jurisdictions

  4. What's in a transaction?

  5. Add or Import Transactions

  6. Edit Transactions

  7. Guidelines for Mapping Tax Codes

  8. Find a Tax Code

  9. Reports in AvaTax

Filing Returns

  1. Need Help Filing?

  2. Setup Returns

  3. Filing Taxes on your own

  4. Scheduling a return

  5. Edit a scheduled Return


  1. Avalara Help Center

  2. Reset Your Password

  3. Avalara Learning and Resource Center

  4. Avalara University

  5. Sales Tax Rates Calculator

  6. Sales Tax Risk Assessment

  7. Sales Tax Laws - State by State

  8. Avalara Blog