Auto Scheduler

Automatically repost items to your customers!

Auto scheduler, or automatic reposts of your products, is a great way to continue to engage your customers as well as move inventory. Every night at midnight, the CommentSold bot will check to see if there are items that can be reposted based on rules that you setup. It will automatically schedule items that have already been posted, based on the largest amount of quantity available and a few other rules. Follow along for an overview!


First, you will enable the auto scheduler here:


Next, you will tell the bot the minimum amount of quantity that it must have in order to schedule a repost. The default value is 10, which seems to work nicely. Don't set this too low, however, as you'd rather not post than continually post an item that has little to no inventory. Your customers will not be happy!


Next is the minimum number of days since it was last posted. The bot uses this to make sure it does not post something over and over again, just because you have a lot of inventory for a particular sku. 7 is the default. We suggest not going lower than this, as your customers will get tired of seeing the same items getting pushed to them!


The last major option is making sure to set times. You can set however many times you want. I suggest setting the times to 20-40% of your normal daily posting. If you post 10 times a day, maybe set 2-4 repost times. Here's an example of telling the bot I want it to post at 9:30am and 2:30pm. This will show up as scheduled posts in your posts page.


Of course, make sure you click the group(s) you want to enable!


That's it! The bot will now run and schedule posts even while you're sleeping!